Mastering The Art Of Structural Foundation Repair

Posted on: 4 August 2023

The foundation of a house is the backbone of its structure. It supports the entire building and ensures its stability. However, like any other part of a home, it can sustain damage, often requiring immediate attention and repair. This blog will delve into the comprehensive understanding of structural foundation repair.

What Is Structural Foundation Repair

Structural foundation repair involves the identification, assessment, and correction of problems that arise in a building's foundation. These issues may comprise cracks, sinking, or shifting, which can undermine the integrity of the entire structure, posing significant safety concerns if neglected. By addressing these concerns promptly, one can ensure the stability and durability of the building for years to come.

Common Causes of Foundation Damage

Several factors can contribute to foundation damage. These include:

  • Soil-related Issues: Expansive clay soil can swell when wet and shrink when dry, causing movement in the foundation. Poor soil compaction during construction can also lead to settling.
  • Environmental Factors: Extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rainfall, drought, or frost, can affect the soil's stability beneath the foundation.
  • Poor Drainage: Excessive moisture can weaken the soil supporting the foundation, causing it to shift or sink.
  • Tree Roots: Larger tree roots can grow towards your foundation, drawing moisture from the soil and causing it to contract.

Signs of Foundation Problems

Recognizing the signs of foundation problems early can save you from costly repairs. Some common indicators include:

  • Any visual Cracks
  • Doors or windows that stick or don't close properly
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Separation around windows, doors, or garage door
  • Visible sinking or upheaval of the foundation

Types of Structural Foundation Repair

There are several methods used for structural foundation repair depending on the nature and severity of the problem:

  • Piering: In this approach, steel posts are forcefully inserted into unstable soil to reach a more solid foundation, providing support for the structure. This method is commonly employed to address issues of sinking or settlement in residential properties.
  • Slabjacking: Here, a mixture is pumped beneath the slab to lift it back to its original position. This is ideal for correcting smaller shifts in the foundation.
  • Sealing: If the problem is due to water leaks or moisture issues, sealing the foundation with a waterproof material can help prevent further damage.
  • Underpinning: This involves strengthening the existing foundation by extending it deeper or wider so it rests on more supportive soil or distributes its load more evenly.

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