Drip Trays For Kerosene Portable Heaters - Great Investment Tips

Posted on: 20 June 2023

If you use a portable kerosene heater a lot, it can eventually drip kerosene. Thanks to a drip tray, you can keep it from getting all over the place. If you plan to purchase one for your heating system, review the following guide.

Make Sure it's Compatible With Your Heater

The market for portable kerosene heaters has exploded in recent years. Now, there are so many models you can buy. When you shop for a drip tray, ensure you get one compatible with your specific heater. Fortunately, finding a compatible tray isn't tricky.

Take your portable heater's specifications and use them to track down compatible drip trays. The results you pull up online should be the right size and set up smoothly. Compatibility is one of the most important factors to verify before you purchase a tray. 

Verify Heat-Resistance

While you run a portable kerosene heater, any kerosene that leaks out may be extremely hot. That won't be a problem if you get a drip tray with a heat-resistant design. 

As hot kerosene drips down into the tray, you know its materials won't start to melt or catch on fire. Instead, the tray will last no matter how often you use a portable kerosene heater. 

Get a Weatherproof Variety

If you plan to use a portable heater outside in the elements, you need a weatherproof drip tray. You can use the heater anywhere and trust that the drip tray will remain in great shape for many years. 

Weatherproof materials are essential for keeping the drip tray protected from rust. It's a problem that sometimes is hard to spot until it's too late. Luckily, weatherproof qualities safeguard you from damage caused by corrosion. 

Make Sure Fasteners Are Included

To keep a drip tray firmly below your portable kerosene heater, get a model with fasteners. You can use them to secure the drip tray on the bottom. 

Whether you bump it against something or move the heater quickly, the drip tray will remain in the same place until you remove its fasteners. The only time you might need to remove them is when you get ready to clean the tray after enough kerosene drips inside it. 

Drip trays make it easy to collect kerosene that spills from your portable heater when it gets used. You can maximize one of these trays as long as you get one that fits and is well-made. 

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