3 Signs Your Foundation Needs To Be Repaired

Posted on: 12 April 2023

Your foundation is the most important aspect of your home. Your home sits on the foundation and everything that you own is dependent on this. Without a good foundation, your home could be in danger of damage that may be beyond repair. There are a number of reasons why your foundation could get damaged and in poor shape. If could be due to poor drainage, pests may be causing damage to your foundation, or you could have damage to your foundation due to poor maintenance. If your foundation is in need of repairs, you need to pay close attention to this and get a professional to your home to make the necessary repairs.

Read on for some signs that may indicate that your foundation needs to be repaired. 

1. Your Floors Are Not Level

If your floors are not level, as in they are sloped on one side or another, it's a sign that your foundation needs to be repaired. Your foundation may be sinking on one side of your home or the other, and it could be causing your floors to sink and slope. You can test if your floors are not level by placing a ball or a marble on the floor and watching to see if it rolls. If your floors are sloped, these items may roll quickly from where you place them to another part of the room. 

2. Your Doors Or Windows No Longer Close

If your doors or windows will not open or close, they may no longer be level, and this may be because of your foundation. If your foundation is sinking or is no longer level, it can make it difficult to open or close your windows and doors. You may also have cracks above your windows and doors where the walls have shifted and led to an issue with them opening or closing. Your foundation may need to be lifted and the ground around it will also need to be leveled, in addition to proper drainage to prevent it from sagging further.

3. Your Foundation Is Cracked

If you notice that you have a cracked foundation, not just minor cracks, but deep cracks, it is going to cause an issue with your entire home. A cracked or crumbling foundation can lead to a number of problems with your home and your foundation needs to be repaired. 

If your home's foundation is not in good shape, it is inevitable that your home will end up damaged in some way. Monitor your foundation for issues, and if you see anything that could be a potential problem, hire a professional to make any necessary repairs.

Contact a foundation repair contractor to learn more.