Beyond The Bedroom: Other Remodeling Projects To Tackle Before Baby

Posted on: 23 February 2023

If you have a baby on the way or are planning to have a baby on the way soon, then you might be focusing on doing some home remodeling. Many people remodel a room to make it suitable for the baby. Indeed, this is an important renovation. But there are a few other remodeling tasks you may also want to consider completing before your little one arrives.

Replacing the Floors

If you have any floors that are old, damaged, or cracked, then you will want to replace them before your baby comes. Once your child starts crawling, they will be all over the place, and you don't want them to pick up pieces of broken tile or scratch their hands on rough edges. Floating floors and luxury vinyl plank flooring tend to work well for homes with little kids. These types of flooring have some "give" and yet are easy to keep clean. Most remodeling companies install them. Look for a pattern that has a mixture of colors, as this will make any spills and crumbs less obvious.

Remodel the Bathroom

Full bathroom remodels get expensive, so you may not want to do a full remodel if you don't need it. But a partial bathroom remodel can go a long way towards making your home more suitable for your baby's arrival. If the tub isn't in great shape, replace it. You'll soon be bathing a baby in it! Make sure you have a thermostatic mixing valve on the shower so it does not release scalding water, and look for a fixture that makes it easy to put little hands in the sink.

Add Seating in the Kitchen

Right now, you might all eat in the dining room. But when you have an infant, it is often easier to seat them in the kitchen so you can care for them and feed them while you cook. If there is not already a seating area in your kitchen, work with your remodeling team to create one. You could add a small island with seating, extend one of your counters, or even move some cabinets to make room for a small table. It all depends on your kitchen layout.

Before your baby arrives, make sure you have good flooring, a suitable bathroom, and seating in the kitchen. If you have any other questions, talk to a professional kitchen remodeling contractor in your area.