FAQs About Having Gutters Installed

Posted on: 9 January 2023

Gutters are really important for the protection of your roof and the rest of your home. Even if it only rains occasionally where you live, gutters will ensure that rain is safely ferried off your roof and into a location where it cannot harm your siding or foundation. As you arrange to have gutters installed, you will get to choose between several gutter materials and colors. You might also find that you have a few of the following questions about the installation process and results.

Why are the gutters not straight?

In building, there is usually a huge emphasis on making things flat and level. So, when your gutter installer steps back from their work and you notice that a gutter is crooked, you might assume something is wrong. It's probably not. Gutters are the one part of your house that you don't want to be flat or level. A flat gutter won't drain. Gutters are meant to be hung slightly lower on one side than the other. In other words, they are pitched towards one side — the side with the downspout. This encourages and allows water to drain towards that side and out of the gutter. A flat gutter won't drain well.

Why are there multiple downspouts on one side of the house?

When you see pictures of gutter systems, they are usually set up with downspouts pristinely positioned in each corner. So if your own installer puts a downspout halfway across your home, you might be perplexed. There is likely a good reason for this design. When your home has longer sides, placing a downspout at each corner is not typically enough. There may be more water in the gutter than can fit in one downspout. These extra downspouts are there to handle the larger volume.

Why don't all sides of your home have gutters?

Gutters are typically placed along any roof edge. If the roof is peaked on a certain side, then the water won't run off that side, so there is no reason for gutters. If you do see a roof edge with no gutters, bring it up to your installer; it might be an oversight on their part.

Hopefully, this content has answered your questions about gutter installation. With new gutters, your home will be well protected from rain and water. Talk to your installer if you have any additional questions or concerns that come up. For more information, contact a company like Austin Company.