What Are The Most Common Causes Of Damage To A Commercial Door's Frame?

Posted on: 29 June 2022

Commercial doors have to do more than just keep intruders out at night. They often double as windows or displays due to the use of large panes of glass, or they may allow employees to come and go as needed while limiting access for everyone else. The frame that supports the commercial door must be durable and carefully designed to withstand many types of damage. Keep an eye out for these four common forms of damage that can weaken the commercial door frame and lead to the need for professional repair.

Rust From Long-Term Moisture Exposure

Rust occurs on almost all exterior commercial door frames when enough time passes. Cleaning and recoating the bottom six inches of the frame on both sides will protect it and extend the frame's life as long as possible. If the door is still in good shape when rust becomes a bigger problem, it's often possible to cut out and weld in place replacement frame pieces just at the base. For smaller doors, it may make more sense to replace the entire frame and rehang the door. This can be a costly process for larger specialty overhead and automatic doors, in which case frame repair in place makes more sense.

Jamb and Hinge Wear

The jamb of a commercial door may strike the plate hundreds or thousands of times per day in a busy facility. Even in buildings where the doors are used less frequently, years of wear and tear will eventually lead to misalignment that could allow the door to break out of its frame despite advanced security features. Damage to the hinges could cause the door to seize shut or fall off entirely. Keep the jamb and hinges well-maintained, especially on security doors.


Commercial doors located at the front or rear of a store may be accidentally struck by a vehicle or other heavy equipment moving around the parking lot. Smaller commercial doors can become damaged due to thrown or dropped items as well. Insurance covers most of these incidents, but the repairs can take time if specialty equipment is needed.

Attempted Forced Entry

Of course, any break-in attempt can leave commercial door frames damaged. Crowbars can easily crack or bend the frame on a smaller door. More strenuous methods are needed to damage larger security doors, but even minor damage should be repaired to ensure protection against future attempts. Don't leave a frame compromised by scratches, dents, or issues with the finish covering the metal.

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