Don't Neglect Your Commercial Roofing: 5 Reasons for Routine Inspections

Posted on: 9 June 2022

How well do you know the roof's current condition on your commercial premises? You can only tell with a proper inspection. This practice is important for every property owner, whether you have just opened your doors or have been running the building for years. A commercial roofing inspection will identify potential problem points so you can remedy them quickly. Here are several reasons to schedule an inspection soon:

1. Identify Water Infiltration Problems at Torn and Worn Seams

One of the most important things to ensure your commercial roof lasts a long time is regularly check it for signs of trouble. Torn and worn seams are especially problematic for membrane roofs because they allow water to seep into your building. 

If you don't identify and fix these problems, they could lead to much more expensive repairs down the road, so early identification becomes very useful in doing pre-emptive repairs. 

2. Identify Water Ponding Problems 

One of the roofing industry's most common issues, water ponding, is caused by a failure in your roof's drainage system. Ponded water rots and rusts structural components and can lead to structural damage. If there is water pooling on your roof, or if your roof is leaking, schedule an inspection immediately to assess the extent of the problem.

3. Identify Blistering, and Alligatoring in the Roofing Membrane

Commercial roofing membranes are vulnerable to blistering and alligatoring, in which small bubbles appear in several places on a roof. Blistering occurs when there are air pockets trapped under the membrane. 

Alligatoring is less common and appears as a web of cracks that resemble an alligator's skin. The roofer will evaluate the extent of the damage for workable remedies.

4. Assess for Leakages at Penetration Points

Penetration points made by equipment installed on the roof make it possible for rainwater to enter your premises. If your business is located in an area with heavy rainfall, regular inspection of roof penetrations is essential. 

Re-caulking can be a quick fix, but it's worth hiring a professional roofer to do a thorough inspection if you notice water entering through any of these points. 

5. Assess the Roof's Edges for Cracks and Splits

Commercial roofs are affected differently by sunlight, heat, rain, cold temperatures, and other environmental conditions. That's why it's important to check your roof edges at least once a year, as you want to be aware of any cracks or splits that could worsen over time. It may be a simple fix; then again, it may not. 

The roof's performance on your commercial premises impacts your tenants' productivity, and therefore, your property's profitability. Call a roofer to schedule a commercial roofing inspection to identify emerging problems.