Extend The Life Of Your Commercial Roofing By Having A Protective Coating Applied

Posted on: 14 March 2022

If your building has an old metal roof that's getting rusty or leaky, you may be thinking of getting a new roof. However, you may hate the thought of the expense and disruption associated with tearing off an old metal roof and putting on a new one.

A possible solution is to apply a spray-on roof coating. A coating could extend the life of your commercial roofing for several more years and make your roof more attractive too. Here's how a coating is applied to metal commercial roofing.

Repair Damaged Areas

Your old metal roof has to be repaired before a coating goes on. Repairs might include replacing fasteners, patching holes, and removing rust. Leaks should be fixed before the coating is put on. This ensures the coating goes over a surface that's in good shape with a low risk of leaking.

The coating also helps protect against leaking, but a coating wears off gradually over the years, so a hole that's not covered might start to leak again eventually if it isn't repaired.

Clean And Prime The Metal

The metal roof has to be cleaned with a pressure washer to get rid of algae stains, dirt, and anything else that sticks to the surface. Starting with a clean surface is essential so the coating adheres well. Once the roof is clean, the commercial roofer can apply primer to the roof that also treats and protects against rust damage.

Put Tape On The Seams

Your roofer may also cover the seams in the metal roofing panels with seam tape. This can be done by spraying a coating over the seams and then pressing on the tape. Once the tape is on, another layer of coating may be applied to seal the tape in place. The roofer may do this process where there is a gap, crack, or seam on the roof to ensure it won't become a leak risk.

Apply The Roof Coating

There are a few types of roof coatings, and your roofer chooses one that's made to bond to metal. The coating can be sprayed on. However, the roofer may use a roller or brush to apply the coating to some areas on the roof.

The roofer may apply two or three layers of coating. The more layers, the more durable the coating will be and the longer it will last. However, more layers drive up the cost, so that has to be considered as well.

Once the coating is on and dry, your roof will have a transformed appearance. Rust and imperfections will be gone, and the roof may look new again. Coatings come in different colors, but you may want white or another light color that reflects the sun and gives your building a clean, bright surface.

Contact a commercial roofing contractor for more information.