Maintaining Your Truck's Trailer

Posted on: 24 February 2022

For commercial drivers or managers of commercial fleets, caring for the mechanical components of the trucks can be an integral part of their jobs. However, it is also important to ensure the truck trailer is receiving the maintenance that it needs.

Corrosion Removal And Prevention

Corrosion is a major threat for commercial truck trailers. While the corrosion can cause the trailer to appear less professional and even unsightly, it can also pose significant structural issues. The worsening corrosion will weaken the trailer, and this may drastically raise the chances of a failure occurring. Regular maintenance inspections can allow for areas of developing corrosion to be found so they can be neutralized. This process will involve physically removing the corrosion and applying a protective coating to the damaged area of the trailer.

Repairing Faulty Lights

There are a variety of lights that your truck trailer will need to be safely operated. Unfortunately, these lights can burn out and suffer other problems that will prevent them from being able to work. This can lead to a much greater risk of the truck driver being involved in an accident, and they may even be fined due to the trailer lights not working. As part of the maintenance for the vehicle, these lights should be tested periodically so that any that have failed or that are approaching the end of their usable lifespan can be replaced before the issue causes an accident or incurs a fine. Luckily, replacing these lights is a fairly simple and affordable repair that may not require professional help to complete. However, if there is an issue with the lighting stemming from the electrical components or connections, professional repairs may be required to ensure this repair is completed correctly and safely.

Assessing The Door's Locking Mechanism

The door to the trailer will need to be effectively secured to keep the cargo safe and contained. While the odds of a spontaneous door failure are extremely remote, it can be possible for individuals to break into a trailer that has a poorly maintained locking system. Over time, the locking system for the trailer door can start to become corroded, and this will potentially lead to it becoming unresponsive or jamming. Lubricating and cleaning the locking mechanism for the trailer may not seem like an important task, but it can save you from the hassle or the delays that a jammed trailer door might cause.

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