5 Reasons To Reglaze Your Bathtub

Posted on: 16 February 2022

The reglazing process was first developed to fix chipped, scratched, and cracked finishes on porcelain-coated tubs, but the modern processes now allow technicians to reglaze some fiberglass, acrylic, and plastic bathtub types as well. If you have an older tub that has seen better days, then reglazing may be a better option over replacing the entire tub. 

1. Saves Cash 

A new bathtub can be expensive. You must pay for the time, labor, and disposal of the old tub, along with the installation of the new one. Refinishing doesn't require as much time or labor to complete, and the materials are much less expensive compared to a new tub. For these reasons, reglazing usually makes the most sense from an economic perspective.

2. Less Invasive

Removing an old tub can be very time-consuming and invasive, such as if tiling needs to be extended due to the shape of a newer tub, or if subflooring or walls need any fixes before the new tub can be installed. Doors may need to be removed from hinges to get the old tub out or the new one in, and it can take several days or even weeks to tear out everything and perform the needed repairs even before installation begins. A reglazed tub takes just a few hours to do and a couple of days to fully cure for regular use.

3. Eco-Friendly

Manufacturing and transportation of a new tub take up valuable natural resources, and the old tub is likely destined to sit in a landfill. Opting to reglaze an old tub instead of replacing reduces the manufacturing and disposal footprint of your bathtub, thus making it the more environmentally friendly option if you need to repair an old tub.

4. Color Upgrades

Those that are lucky have nice white bathtubs, or at least a tub in a non-offensive neutral color. If you have an older tub, though, you may be stuck with a dated pink, avocado green, or even powder blue of a bygone era. You can move your bathtub into the modern era without having to pay for a new one simply by having it reglazed in a new color.

5. Easier Maintenance

Finally, a reglazed tub is just easier to maintain. Scratched surfaces never look clean, and that's because they aren't — the scratches collect a ton of dirt and grime. Stains also become more common once the surface of a tub is scratched. Once reglazed, dirt is no longer trapped and cleaning is a breeze.

Contact a tub reglazing service if you have an old tub that is past due for a facelift.